Benefits of invoicing with FreshBooks

Any good accountant can tell you that most times invoicing isn’t exactly straightforward. It’s true that the basics can be handled easily enough provided you have a proper invoicing system ready to use, but additional interruptions or commitments can often interfere. The good news is that FreshBooks accountants have a great system at their fingertips that allow them to handle any issues that may arise. Let’s have a look at some of the difficulties invoicing can present and how FreshBooks can overcome them.

1. Getting invoices sent on time even when you’re really busy

This problem is perhaps the most common one. When you have a thriving business, you’re always busy working hard in order to make more money. Sometimes it can be tough to take time out of your busy schedule just to send invoices. With FreshBooks, you can take advantage of cloud accounting as well as other features that allow you to both prepare and send your invoices without costing you so much time.

2. Following up with your overdue invoices

This can be another big time consumer as it means chasing up your customers to find out why they haven’t paid and when they plan to pay next. Sometimes, you have a ton of invoices to sort through and it can be daunting trying to keep it all straight. With FreshBooks, you can set reminders for each invoice you create so that you’ll be notified each day as to which ones are overdue at that time. This makes keeping things up to date far easier without losing valuable time.

3. Invoicing accurately and quickly

It’s vitally important that you and your team are able to communicate with your finance managers and accountants effectively. This helps to ensure that all the work that has been carried out is subsequently invoiced correctly each and every time. FreshBooks helps by allowing you to create a template that can be followed for each and every invoice. This way each one will be formatted and filled in the same way. By keeping your invoices to a set standard, you can be assured that each one will come out looking just the way it should.

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